~ NAOKO SENOO ~ Flutist

Naoko Senoo was born in Tokyo in 1972 in a family with a strong artistic background.

She began the piano at five and took up the flute at 13.

She studied with Heihachiro Yamaguchi, Akio Kan and Noriko Kan.
At Senzoku Gakuen Music University she was a pupil of Shigeru Kobayashi.
In 1994 she was a laureate at the National French Music Competition.


She came to Belgium in 1997 to attend masterclasses in modern flute with Wil Offermans.
At a Tokyo concert in November 2000, she met Belgian jazz pianist Nico Vancouver and they have played together ever since.

As a duo, they represented Belgium in Washington DC at the International Very Special Arts Festival founded by the Kennedy family. 

Rik Ghesquière, composer and conductor of the classical Eroica Ensemble invited Naoko and Nico to play as soloists.

In « Japanese Impressions » Naoko Senoo leads the Belgian pianist and the classical Orchestra along the paths of Japanese music breathing new life into their inspiration and bringing them to expand their musical horizons. 


She released 3 CD, 「JAPANESE IMPRESSIONS」-live recording in Bruges Belgium,「OUT OF TIME」- flute solo and「OUR PRESENT TO THE MOON」-live recording in Belgium as a member of Haptikos Quartet